I am Martín Paredes

And I like to create.

I am an immigrant from México living the immigrant life in America. For over 25 years I have been in the technology sector building my company, Cognent, and writing about public policy, corruption and immigration on the U.S.-México border.

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    The Bandit Bytes is where I share my creative side with subscribers. Be the first to know about my latest digital art project or my latest book. https://borderbandit.netThe Bandit Bytes is where I will share my insights on news items about immigration, border politics, my Border Bandit Jeep expedition and other things I find interesting. Consider the Bandit Bytes as a personal conversation between us.

    I am involved in various projects, from building Apps/websites for my company to writing about public policy in El Paso, Texas to creating digital art for fun and work and writing books about the Drug War. In between I am building a Jeep-based expedition vehicle and taking it out on adventures when time permits. Oh, and sometimes I just like to poke fun at politicians through my artwork or my writing. Learn more about me by clicking on the following buttons, and don't forget to sign up for my newsletter, the Bandit Bytes!